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ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1 Released with New Features and Enhanced Performance

December 12, 2012

Guangzhou, China: December 12, 2012-- ZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions to the AEC and MCAD industries, today officially rolled out the release of ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1. This release comes with enhanced performance and new features. With over 400 detailed improvements and 20+ newly added features, users will find a big leap in ZWCAD+’s smooth and efficient design experience compared to the previous release.


20+ new features greatly increase design efficiency  


SmartPeek is one of the very efficient tools newly added to ZWCAD+. By focusing on user’s design habits, the technology of SmartPeek was developed. Most of the time, when users are dealing with multiple tasks, they need to switch between different drawings. Clicking on the drawings one by one to check takes a lot of time, but with SmartPeek, by just pressing the Ctrl and Tab buttons, users can easily switch and preview drawings.


There are more new features in SP1, including but not limited to:

      1. Multileader and Mleader style for annotation and dimension

      2. MVSETUP for setting up one or more viewports in layout

      3. OVERKILL to clean up overlapping geometry

      4. DELDUPL to delete Duplicate Lines, Circles and Arcs

      5. LOCKUP & UNLOCK to lock and unlock drawing with password

      6. ALIASEDIT for command aliases editing

      7. And more


Over 400 detailed improvements enhances design performance


In this release, users will see how these improvements benefit their design work:

      1. HATCH now supports Origin Point Setting;

      2. PEDIT command can be triggered by double clicking on any polyline object;

      3. RAY now supports sub-commands including Bisect/Horizontal/Vertical/Angle/Offset

      4. And more


Aside from new features and enhanced performance in SP1, the APIs of ZWCAD+ also became more powerful. To make it convenient for users to search for the already successfully ported apps and more coming up, APP+, a new tab was added to the ZWCAD+ interface panel. Users can click on the tab to find the most suitable and useful tools in order to facilitate their design.


To try on ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1, users can visit:


About ZWCAD Design

ZWCAD Design Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of ZWSOFT, is an international CAD software provider through its network of over 100 partners in 60+ countries and regions. Its product, ZWCAD+, meets the needs of CAD designers across the AEC and MCAD industries.




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