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File name characters not supported by the OS

\When you ask for file names to be named after individual operations, ZW3D CAM checks for characters not supported in file names by the OS such as " * / : < > ? |.  If any are found you are asked if substituting "_" is OK.  If not, the output process is halted and you're instructed about what do.



Machine Definition File Paths

\If you create your own Machine Definition Files using the procedure outlined in "Creating a Machine Definition File", you will want to modify one of the ZW3D CAM definition files. The file in question is the MdfConfigPaths file (no file extension). This file tells ZW3D where to look for Machine Definition Files.

First, save any Machine Definition Files that you create in your user directory. Then open the MdfConfigPaths file and add the path to your user directory where indicated.  CAUTION: Save a backup copy of MdfConfigPaths before revising it!


Default MdfConfigPaths File



Making changes to machine axes and offsets

\When closing the Rotary Axes and offsets Form, the axis information in the list is NOT copied into the machine definition until the Machine Manager > Accept button is pressed. If the axes information has changed and you close the form before Accepting the changes, you are asked whether or not to save the changes and update the active machine.  


Review date: 2011-May-24
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