Techniques of using Shift keyboard in ZWCAD

1, To add or delete entities with Shift keyboard.
As we know, selecting entities is one of operations used most frequently. Sometimes, we need to add or delete entities from selected entities. And Shift keyboard is useful at this situation.

Firstly please select the aptly selected entities in drawing area to form a selection set. Then if you want to add or delete entities from the selection set, just need to press the Shift keyboard and use one of the selecting modes to do the operation.
Furthermore, you can control whether to use this method to add the entities or not
Enter the Option command, then click the Selection tab and in the Select Modes area, unclick (wipe off) the “Use Shift to add to Selection” option. Now you can add entities to selection set directly with one of the selection mode. But if you want to delete entities from selection set, you still need to use the Shift keyboard.

2, Use Shift keyboard to snap the specific point.
With the Entities Snap feature, we can advance the definition to design our works. But the detailed setting seems a little more annoying while using. If the snapping modes are turned on too few, it’s not conveniently to capture some points; and it’s easy to capture the wrong points among near distance while the snapping modes are turned on too more.

Now you can take a try to click the right – mouse button with pressing the Shift keyboard at the same
The detailed snap settings will pop up as a list-menu. And you can activate one mode to use. So with Shift button, it’s easy to employ this feature now.

3, Use Shift button to trim or extend entities.
Trim command and Extend command are used frequently while editing drawings. And do you notice the detailed prompt on the command line?

For Trim command: seclect entity to trim, or press Shift and select entity to extend, or [Edge mode/Fence/Projection]:
For Extend command: Seclect entity to extend, or press Shift and select entity to trim, or [Edge mode/Fence/Projection]:
It means we can switch conveniently between these two commands with the Shift button. That is practical while applying these two commands frequently.  


Review date: 2011-May-20
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,

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