Use Aerial View Window to Pan and Zoom Drawings

    With the Aerial view function, it's allowed to display the entire drawing using a window opened in current drawing, the current drawing is displayed as a wide frame mark, you can quickly change the views in current viewport via this window.

    Aerial view window is quite useful when displaying a large drawing within a small window, and perform pan and zoom operations quickly.

     In the process of drawing, you can directly pan and zoom the view in the aerial view window if the window is open, without affecting you while doing other operations. You can also specify new views for current drawing while panning and zooming within aerial view window. Meanwhile, you don't have to input relevant command or choose from menu options in ZWCAD platform.

Use Aerial View window to pan and zoom drawings

     A wide rectangular frame will be displayed in Aerial View window, which is used for displaying view boundaries of current viewport, also called view frame. Through panning and zooming the view frame, you can increase or decrease the size of views in drawing area, and change the views as well.

     Click on the Aerial view window to pan and zoom the drawing, press ENTER directly or right click to finish the operation.

To Zoom a view in Aerial View window

  1. Enter DSVIEWER in command line and then press ENTER.

  2. Double click on the view frame in Aerial View window, until an arrows display in the view.

  3. Drag to the right to zoom out the view, while drag to the left to zoom in.

  4. Right-click or press ENTER directly to end the manipulation.

Command line: DSVIEWER

To pan a view in Aerial View window

  1. Enter DSVIEWER in command line and then press ENTER.

  2. Click on the Aerial View window, a X mark appears in the wide outline frame.

  3. Drag the view frame arbitrary by way of moving the mouse.

  4. Right click or press ENTER to finish the pan manipulation.

Command line: DSVIEWER

Change the view displayed in Aerial View window

     Aerial View window provides three buttons on the toolbar for changing the scaling proportion of images inside the Aerial View window.

     Click on Zoom In button, to magnifies the drawing in the Aerial View window to double size of the current viewport, centered on the current view box.

     Click on Zoom Out button to decreases the drawing to half of its original size centered on the current view box.

     Click on Global button to mark current view with a wide frame and display the entire drawing.

      Zooming the views within the Aerial View will not affect the scaling factor of the images within the drawing area.

Aerial View window with multiple viewports

      If multiple viewports are contained in current drawing, only the views of current drawing are displayed in Aerial View window.

      You can select Auto viewport option from the right-click menu on the Aerial View window, and then the views in Aerial View window changes while you toggle among multiple viewports. The same circumstance happens if you select "Dynamic Update" option. However when you draw or modify some complex drawings, it's recommended to deselect dynamic update function, in view of improve the capability of program. In case of the dynamic update is turned off, you can activate the latest view by clicking at the aerial view window when you want it displayed in aerial view window.

Commands Reference

DSVIEWER: Uses aerial view window to quickly change the views in current viewport.

PAN: Pans views in current viewport.

ZOOM: Increases or decreases the visual size of the objects in current viewport.

System Variables Reference

EXTMAX: Stores the value on right upper corner of the drawing area.

EXTMIN: Stores the value on left lower corner of the drawing area

MBUTTONPAN: Controls how the third button or wheel on the pointing device respond to the operation.

RTDISPLAY: Controls how to display raster images when performing realtime ZOOM or PAN.

WHIPTHREAD: Controls whether to apply an additional processor to improve the manipulating speed ( for example, ZOOM or PAN command that redraw or regenerate the drawing)

ZOOMFACTOR: Controls the incremental change when moving the mouse forward or backward.


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