Find and open a Drawing File

     You can search for a drawing using name, location, and date filters or properties such as keywords that you added to the drawing.

Open drawing

    Uses Open on the File menu or Quick Access toolbar to open Select File dialog box, from which you can select the desired file.

     You can also open a drawing by dragging a drawing into anywhere outside the drawing area. However, if you drag a drawing into the drawing area of an open drawing, the new drawing is inserted into the open drawing as a block reference instead of opening it.

    You can also double-click drawing to launch ZWCAD program to open it. If ZWCAD is running, the drawing opens in the current session.

Change the default drawing folder

    Each time you launch ZWCAD, the path you specified to open a latest drawing is displayed in each standard file selection dialog box. You can also specify a default path to ZWCAD by changing default drawing folder.

Find a drawing file

    Clicking Tools button from the Open Drawing dialog box displays Search dialog box, from which, you can search drawing through name, location and date filters.

    You can preview the selected drawing in the Open Drawing dialog box. When the system variable RASTERPREVIEW is on, a preview image with BMP format is generated and saved with the drawing.

Set the search path

     The Files tab of Options dialog box is used by ZWCAD to search drawing support files. The support files includes text fonts, drawings, linetypes and hatch patterns.

    The system variable MYDOCUMENTSPREFIX is designed to store the location of My Documents folder for the current user.

    You can also specify the location of temporary files on the Files tab of the Option dialog box. Temporary files are created on the specified path and then deleted when you exit ZWCAD program. The default temporary folder is specified to the location that Microsoft Windows uses.

    You should specify another location for temporary files when you run ZWCAD in a write-protected director (for example, if you are working on a network or open files on a CD). The director must not be written-protected and can provide enough disk space for the temporary files.

Add identifying information to drawings

     You can find the specified drawings more easily by adding keywords or other information to them in the Drawing Properties dialog box opened from the File menu. The drawing properties such as title, author, subject, keyword or other important information can help identify drawings more easily. You can also assign hyperlink addresses, director paths and multiple custom properties to your drawings.

     The Drawing Properties dialog box contains the following drawing information:

  • General. It contains the drawing type, location, size and other information. These information are stored by the operation system and can be read-only. You can change these values only through Windows Explorer.

  • Summary. This tap contains the drawing properties such as author, title and subject.

  • Statistics. The drawing size, created date and latest modified date and other information are displayed in this tap.

  • Custom. Specifies the custom file properties.

Commands Reference

OPEN: Opens an existing drawing file

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

DWGPROPS: Sets and displays the properties of the current drawing

System Variables Reference

REMEMBERFOLDERS: Controls the default path for the Look In or Save In option in standard file selection dialog boxes

MYDOCUMENTSPREFIX: Stores the full path to the My Documents folder for the user currently logged-on


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