How to Set up Drawing Limits in ZWCAD+ 2012


Before we start our design work in ZWCAD+2012, we often need to set up drawing environment properly. Today, I am going to talk about how to set up drawing limits in ZWCAD+2012.


Firstly, go to ZWCAD+ and click on Format menu and select Drawing Limits from drop-downlist. By entering F2, users can get the command history dialogue. You can refer to figure 1.


Setting drawing limits in ZWCAD+2012

Figure1: Setting drawing limits in ZWCAD+2012.



Secondly, let’s go deeper into the drawing limits setting.

   When prompted to specify lower left corner or upper right corner, that’s to set up the coordinate of drawing limits. The “on” or “off” options are used to do the drawing limits check. If you enter “on”, system will run drawing limits check, and one thing you have to bear in mind is that the coordinate of drawing must be in the limits defined (including boundary), otherwise, the operation can’t run regularly, there will be message “Outside limits”. Let me walk you through an example in Figure 2.

   The rectangle is the boundary of the drawing limits, the starting point and endpoint of the linear line and the center of the circle are inside the drawing limits, so that we can easily draw the objects. On the contrary, the endpoint of another linear line is outside of the rectangle, the prompted message will be shown that beyond the drawing limits.

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Drawing Limits check


Figure 2: Drawing Limits check

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