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ZW3D 2012

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Details about our promotion...

Period�?/span>Sep 1st - Oct 31st, 2012

Target Group�?/span>Customers who use other CAD/CAM software

Target Area: Global (except Austria, China, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey and France�?/span>

Specifications�?/span>During the promotion period, customers can cross-upgrade their existing CAD/CAM software to ZW3D 2012 with 50% off. You can locate and contact our local resellers here to get a quote or send emails to sales@zwsoft.com if you have any question.

ZW3D provides a cost effective CAD/CAM solution integrated with...

Hybrid Modeling

• Work seamlessly with wire frame, solids and surfaces

• Easy and quick edit any imported geometry

• Class-A surface and powerful morphing

Whole-process Mold Design

• Split any 3D model, not just solid ones.

• Rapidly create parting lines and faces, cores and cavities, using a variety of flexible methods

• Employ many kinds of standard mold bases

CNC Machining

• Dramatically reduce programming time through automatic hole tactics.

• Generate powerful milling functions with 2-axis to 5-axis machines

• Improve productivity by 30% through QuickMill�?technology

Learn more about our software...

  • ZW3D Standard

    3D Advanced CAD

  • ZW3D Professional

    3D CAD + Mold

  • ZW3D Premium

    3D CAD + Mold + CAM

  • ZW3D 2X Machining

    Basic CAD + 2 Axis CAM

  • ZW3D 3X Machining

    Basic CAD + 3 Axis CAM

What Customers Say about ZW3D

  • With the ZW3D hybrid modeler there are no restrictions, we can create any type of shape.

    - Mark Williams, Johnstone Safety Products
  • With ZW3D we get 3D design, moldmaking and CNC machining in one package.

    - Mark Nardelli, Newport Tool & Die

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