Batch Plot


When I first heard of Batch Plot (Pltplot), I was confused by its similarity with Publish. But finally the advantages of Batch Plot demonstrate its usability and utility gradually during my daily drafting work.


Generally, there are two ways for plotting drawings with a plotter. It could be very simple when a computer is connected to a plotter. But the case would be different when there are lots of drawings to be plotted in a local network, as it might cause conflicts and hence is inconvenient in management. A solution is to plot these drawings to .plt files, and then let the plotter handle them together. Two advantages are obvious. First, it enables convenient management. Second, there is no need to install ZWCAD on the PC if it only controls the plot duties but not responsible for drafting, as .plt files can be sent to a plotter by DOS commands. Therefore, files of .plt format are widely applied in cases of heavy plot duty such as at institutes or factories.


May be some people would point out a problem in using .plt files, which is efficiency. But this is what I want to emphasize because the solution is a highlight of ZWCAD. How can we specify and plot several shares of drawings as fast as possible in a single plot duty? To my delight, such a function is available on ZWCAD, and it is the unique solution integrated with a CAD platform among hundreds of CAD softwares.


In the Pltplot dialogue box, names and paths of each drawing are list clearly. Users can add or remove any drawings and change the plotting order. These settings can be also saved as a file for use in the future. In addition, users can choose to plot certain drawings within current selection set and even specify plot shares.


To use Batch Plot function, we can follow the steps below.
1. Set the plot configuration: printer, plot scale, number of copies, etc.;
2. Plot to file (All *.dwg files to be plotted must be assigned to the same printer);
3. Run the command PLTPOLT, and add files in.
4. Select the plotter as assigned in step2, and press OK to start.
(Note: all plot files must be assigned to the same plotter in your settings, otherwise the file won't

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