Drawing Recovery in ZWCAD

Certain problems can cause ZWCAD to close unexpectedly, such as an operating system error, a hardware fault, or even a power failure. When these occur, ZWCAD has the ability to restore drawing files that were open before the crash. It saves open drawing files as DrawingFileName_recover.dwg when the program terminates unexpectedly, where DrawingFileName represents the file names of your drawings.

When the program terminates unexpectedly, the drawing recovery feature opens the next time you start ZWCAD. It displays the drawing files were open.
Using Drawing Recovery
Menu: File → Drawing Utilities → Drawing Recovery
The Drawing Recovery palette contains three parts: the names of backup files, their details, and preview images.

1. Backup Files
The Drawing Recovery palette displays the names of files that can be recovered following a hardware or operating system failure. At the top level is the name of the drawing, along with the names of associated files. Click the top-level name to view the file types associated with it:
a. DrawingFileName.dwg -- file containing the original drawing.
b. DrawingFileName.bak – file of the drawing's backup.
c. DrawingFileName_recover.dwg – files saved at the time when ZWCAD terminates.



2. File Details
The Particular Information section of the palettes provides details about the files selected in backup file list.
a. When you select the top-level drawing name, the Particular Information section displays details on all files associated with the original drawing file.

b. When an individual file is selected, only details about it are displayed.

3. Preview Image
The Preview Image pane displays thumbnail previews of the files you select. 


Shortcut Menus
You can display a shortcut menu of options by right-clicking any file name in the backup file area.


Open -- opens the selected file in ZWCAD. You can select multiple files by holding down the CTRL key.
Property -- displays the properties for the selected file(s).

A different shortcut menu appears when you right-click any blank area in backup file area.
Expand -- expands the top-level drawing name to displays the names of all associated files.
Collapse -- collapses the top-level drawing name.

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