Some small techniques of using ZWCAD 2(11-20)

11, Sometimes selecting more entities is invalid, only selecting one entity is available. In this situation, enter Options on the command line, click the Selection tab and untick the “Use shift to add to selection” option. Or you can enter Pickadd on the command line to adjust the value
12, If some Variables, Menus, Toolbars or other parameters are edited in CAD and it’s not accordance with your operation habits. It’s not necessary to reinstall the program or modify one by one, just to enter Options on the command line, click Profiles tab and press the Reset button to restore your former configuration. By the way, some elements need to modify manually, such as the Aperture size.    
13, Normally, the scroll button of mouse is used to zoom in / out or pan (press). But sometimes it pop up a drop-down list menu. In this situation, enter Mbuttonpan on the command line and change it’s value. OFF Supports the action defined in the customization (CUI) file ; ON Supports panning when you hold and drag the button or wheel
14, In general, Enter or Spacebar is used to confirm an operation. But actually, right mouse button can be used to do that as well. And the configuration is: enter Options on the command line ----- click User Preference tab ----- mark up Shortcut menu in drawing area ------ click Right click customization button ------ mark up all of the Repeat last command option. Now after quitting the dialog box, right mouse button is available.
15, As we know, Circle is formed with lots of small lines and seems not so round as a vector. But actually, you can use Regen command to regenerate and make it smooth.
16, While using saveas command, we recommend to select the format as 2000. As some clients are still using the lower version and the files with higher format can’t be open in lower version.
17, Sometimes, you find that the file path can’t display fully on title bar. In this situation, enter Options on the command line, select Open and Save tab and mark up the “Display full path in title” option, Then it will be viewed. 
18, There are two methods to reduce the file size after finishing the operation. One is to use Purge command to clear up the unused data, such as the invalid blocks, layers without entities and other redundant elements. In general, the command shall be used twice or three times to purge completely.
The other way is to use Wblock command. It means generating a new drawing file with Wblcok command and the file can be used to transit or archive. For the time being, it’s the most efficient way to reduce file size. And the detailed operation is the same as write some entities as blocks.
19, While executing the Text command or Dtext command, sometimes the Text Height isn’t prompted to enter. Since you have set up the Text Height in the Style dialog box, the command will neglect this option and employ the value in the Style settings. As well, the dimension text will adopt this height as well while using this Text style.
20, Some entities can be displayed in drawing area, but can’t be plotted. In this situation, please check on whether the entities exist in Defpoints or Ashade layers, of which ZWCAD generated automatically. It means not creating entities in these layers.     


Review date: 2011-May-20
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,

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