Some small techniques of using ZWCAD 3 (21-30)

21, Some CAD learners misunderstand that the blocks can’t be edited, so they explode the blocks to edit and redefine the blocks again after modifying. Actually, the Refedit command can be used to enter the block editing mode temporarily, it means the users can execute any commands employed in normal operation after Refedit command. Then the Refclose command can be used to save the modification and quit the editing mode. By the way, while executing the Refedit command, other entities not belonging to the blocks will be faded and couldn't be edited. 
22, Sometimes the virtual framework of ellipse, circle or other entities disappear while executing the corresponding command. In this case, please check on the value of Dragmode variable. It should be ON or Auto, the above problem will happen if the value is OFF.
23, Sometimes the Ellipse displays as Polyline, not the Ellipse entity. In this case, please check on the PELLIPSE variable. While the value is ON, the Ellipse will displays as Polyline, and while the value is OFF, it will displays as Ellipse entity. 
24,Sometimes the text doesn’t rotate after executing the Mirror command. In this case, please check on the mirrtext variable. While the value is OFF, the text will hold the original appearance, while the value is ON, it will rotate as you wish.
25,Sometimes you want to save the Layer Properties, Dimension Styles, Plotting page setup etc in one drawing so that they can be used directly next time. The DWT file can help you do that. Firstly please create a new file and configure the Layer Properties, Dimension Styles or other settings, then save the file as DWT format in the Template folder which locates at the directory of ZWCAD installation. Next time when you want to utilize those settings to create a new file, you can select this template file directly
26,While drawing some entities, there is an intersection mark appearing at the location where the mouse clicks and it’s annoyed. In this situation, entering BLIPMODE on the command line and selecting OFF value will turn off the mark.
27, Sometimes the suffix of dimension text displays several unvalued zero, such as100 appearing as 100.00 or 100.0000. In this situation, you can enter Dimzin on the command line and select 8 as the value. Next time the 100 dimension text will appear as 100 only, not added more zero. By the way, you can adjust the setting in the Dimension style as well.  
28, While drafting up some Word file, it’s necessary to use some kinds of images. As Word isn’t a specific application to design graphics, we can use ZWCAD to make the complicated images, then to insert them into Word file to solve the problem. One way is to use the Export command to export the graphics as BMP / WMF or other image format, then to inset them into Word as Image from Outside files. The other way is to copy the graphics in ZWCAD directly into clipboard, then to paste them in Word file.
29, Sometimes the dialog box doesn’t pop up while executing the Open or Save command, just display the prompt in the command line. In this situation, you can enter Filedia on the command line and select the value as ON. Then you can get the usual dialog box to do the operation
30, While using the MA to copy the properties, some options such as the Linetype, color, thickness or other properties can’t be copied. In this situation, you shall configure the settings before selecting the source objects according to the prompt. And in the setting dialog box, you can mark the options you want to copy.  


Review date: 2011-May-20
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,

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