Network Server is register successful with dongle, but the clients could not connect to Server?


1. Please check whether some settings are changed of the Server PC or client PC that would lead to the problem.

2. Confirm the Server could be started and works well, this is very importance, if the server doesn’t work client will not connect it and obtain the license.

3. Please check the network between your computers, to confirm whether they could be connected with each other.

4. Please check the IP setting. Is the clients IP and the Server IP setting right? Server IP should be fixed but not dynamic, in order to the client could connect it.

5. In the License dialog box, please check “Enable net license” option is selected.


6. Would you please change the Server to other PC, to see whether it works?

7. Check the firewall of your computer, whether it is so high level of firewall that stop the connection between the station and server.


Review date: 2011-May-24
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,

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