Enter Commands or System variables

      Type a command or system variable by using the keyboard. System variables are such parameters that are available for controlling how certain commands work.

Enter Commands on the Command Line

    Type the full command name on the command line and press ENTER or SPACEBAR, or right-click your pointing device to start the command.

     Some commands also have abbreviated names. Abbreviated command names are called command aliases. To define your own command aliases, you can customize from Aliases tab on the Customize dialog through performing CUSTOMIZE command.

Specify Command Options

     Once you have entered commands on the command line, ZWCAD displays either a set of options or a dialog box. To choose a different option, enter the one of the options in the brackets, either uppercase or lowercase letters is OK.

Execute Commands

     To execute commands, press SPACEBAR or ENTER, or right-click your pointing device when the command names has been entered or responsive to prompts.

Repeat and Cancel Commands

    If you want to repeat a command that you have just used, press ENTER or SPACEBAR.

   To cancel a command in progress, press ESC.

To repeat the command you just used

  1. Do one of the following:

  • Press the spacebar.

  • Press Enter.

  • Click the right mouse button in the drawing.

Nesting a command

     If you are working in the command bar, you can use another command from within a command, called nesting. To use a command inside an active command, type an apostrophe before you type the command, such as 'circle, 'line, or 'pyramid. You can nest commands indefinitely in ZWCAD. Many menu and toolbar macros work this way by default; for example, select color, reference grid, zoom, and snap. When you have finished with the nested command, the original command resumes.

    For example, you turn on the object snap while you are drawing a circle, thus you can setup Object snap mode before continuing drawing.

Command: circle

2Point/3Point/Ttr(tan tan radius)/Arc/Multiple/<Center of circle>: 'osnap

( Setup object snap mode as Center in Draft Settings dialog, and then close the dialog to go on performing CIRCLE command )

2Point/3Point/Ttr(tan tan radius)/Arc/Multiple/<Center of circle>:

Enter System Variables on the Command Line

    System variables are available for controlling how certain commands work. For example, GRIDMODE is used to control the status ON or OFF for "SNAP","GRID"or"ORTHO"mode, Sometimes you use a system variable in order to change a setting. System variable can be used to display the current status as well.

    While using another command; you can examine or change a system variable's setting transparently, however, new values may not take effect until the interrupted command ends.

Command Reference

COPYCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard

COPYHIST: Copies the text in the command line history to the Clipboard

MULTIPLE: Repeats the next command until canceled

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

PASTECLIP: Inserts data from the Clipboard

SETVAR: Lists or changes the values of system variables

System Variables Reference

CMDNAMES: Displays the names of the active and transparent commands 

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