Remove Objects

Removes objects using one of the following methods:

  •      Delete objects with ERASE command.

  •      Cut the selected objects to the clipboard.

  •      Press DELETE to remove the selected objects.

You can use ERASE command to delete objects, whatever the methods you use to select objects.

To restore the deleted objects, use UNDO command.

OOPS command can restore objects deleted with the ERASE, BLOCK or WBLOCK command.

To delete mark of plus sign (point mark), perform REDRAW command to refresh screen.

To delete unused named objects, such as block definition, dimension style, layer, linetype and text style, perform PURGE command.

Commands Reference

CUTCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard and removes the objects from the drawing

ERASE: Removes objects from a drawing

OOPS: Restores erased objects

PURGE: Removes unused named items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing

REDRAW: Refreshes the display in the current viewport

REDRAWALL: Refreshes the display in all viewports

System Variables Reference



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