Multiple-Line Objects

Multilines consist of between 1 and 16 parallel lines, called elements.

You can determine the position of elements by specifying offset from the origin of each element. By default, multiline objects contain two elements, you should create and save new multiline styles by yourself or modify existing mline styles.


Create Multiline Styles

While creating new mlines, you can specify names of the new style together with inherited properties, and set the amount and properties such as color, linetype, offset and so on for each element directly. Meanwhile, take into account on whether to fill the background and endcaps. Both lines and arcs are available for specifying endcaps. By default, you can add no more than 16 elements to a Multiline Style.

Use Existing Multiline Styles

When you start drawing a multiline, you can use the default style, which has two elements, or specify a style you created previously. The default style is the multiline style last used, or the STANDARD style if MLINE hasn't been used.

You can also change the justification and scale of the multiline before you draw it.

Justification determines whether the multiline is drawn below or above the cursor, or with its origin centered on the cursor. The default is below (top justification).

Scale controls the overall width of the multiline using the current units.

If you draw a multiline with scale of 2, then the width is twice of that defined by the multiline style. If the scale is set to minus, then draw the multiline in order of reversal offset line: the multi-line with the largest offset is drawn at the bottom in the way of left-to-right drawing. And the multi-line will be turned into single line once the scale is set to 0.

If you are changing the multiline scale, you might need to make equivalent changes to linetype scale to prevent dots or dashes from being disproportionately sized.

Multiline scale does not affect linetype scale.

To draw a multi-line

  1. Choose Draw > Multiline.

  2. Specify the start point.

  3. Specify the endpoint.

  4. Press Enter to complete the command.

Command line MLINE

Commands Reference

OFFSET: Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves

MLINE: Creates multiple parallel lines

MLSTYLE: Defines a style for multiple parallel lines

System Variables Reference

CMLSTYLE: Sets the multiline style that ZWCAD uses to draw the multiline


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