How to upgrade


Please follow these instructions to upgrade your ZWSOFT product from a previous version.


There are two licensing options for a ZWSOFT product: soft-key or dongle. When you upgrade to the latest version, you can keep your current licensing option or switch from dongle to soft-key.


  • Upgrading with Dongle
  • Upgrading with Soft-key
  • Upgrading from Dongle to Soft-key




1. Provide your local reseller with the product ID of your dongle. (What is a product ID?)
2. Obtain a new license code from your local reseller.
3. For the stand-alone versions, please go directly to step 5.
4. For the network versions, you must upgrade the network license server program:
1) Uninstall the former Network License Server.
2) Install the new version of the Network License Server (Dongle Encryption).
5. Continue by using the original dongle and the new license code used to activate your ZWSOFT product.





1. There is no need to send the dongle to the reseller.
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