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Truman Du
As CEO of ZWSOFT, Truman Du has over 20 years of experience in the CAD software industry. His leadership, technology insight and operational expertise have strengthened ZWSOFT's culture of innovation, expanded the company into new markets, and extended its product portfolio and global reach. He aims to lead ZWSOFT to become one of the world’s top CAD/CAM software providers.
Mark Vorwaller
The president of ZWSOFT America, Mark Vorwaller, has devoted himself to CAD/CAM products since 1985. He has overseen the development of many CAD/CAM products in his long history in the field. He has also served on three engineering advisory boards from 2000 to 2011. His commitment to innovation and improvement in CAD/CAM technologies has made him one of the most revered persons in the industry.
Owen Zi
Owen Zi is the general manager of ZW3D Business and is responsible for the ZW3D global operations, product research and development, marketing and strategic sales plans. With an effective distribution strategy, he has strengthened ZW3D’s presence both in the Chinese and overseas markets, ranging from large enterprises to vertical industries.
Kingdom Lin
Kingdom Lin is the general manager of the ZWCAD overseas business and is in charge of the overall marketing direction and the evolution of ZWCAD’s business model. Seeing that he possesses a unique blend of business and technical intuitiveness, he is able to develop and implement a companywide go-to-market plan and lead the direction of sales operations across all ZWCAD product lines.
Joh Li
Joh Li, CTO of ZW3D is in charge of the US and China R & D center of ZW3D. With his over 15 years experience in CAD/CAM industry, he successfully completed the ZW3D product reconstruction which offered 10 times faster display speed and better workflow.
Colin Lin
Colin Lin, director of ZW3D overseas business, is responsible for driving strategy and business development for ZW3D in the overseas market. He is now leading a first-rate team of experienced sales, marketing and technical engineers to serve ZW3D users and channel partners. With his expertise in ZW3D, he is working to secure a bright future for ZW3D by providing an all-in-one solution that best fits the needs of the customers.
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