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  • AADB Software

    AADB Software

    AADB Software creates the software to optimize the process of creation the AV and IT one-line and wire diagrams in CAD environment.

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  • Synapse Informatique

    Synapse Informatique

    Synapse Informatique has been developing and marketing its flagship software,Topocad. Topocad is used by hundreds of customers, in fields as diverse as mining, hydraulic studies, road studies, subdivision projects, etc.

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  • TracéoCAD


    TracéoCAD puts all its experience and expertise at the service of HVAC engineers and designers to give them powerful and productive tools. TracéoCAD brings you a global offer based on efficient and practical software solutions for creating and managing all your technical drawings for HVAC.

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  • ArchStruct


    ArchStruct is an architectural & civil engineering CAD add-on software provider whose product can save time for 2D drafting users by almost 80%.

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  • Microcad Computação Grafica

    Microcad Computação Grafica

    Microcad Computação Grafica is a visual communication and software development company for CAD.

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  • ADD Software

    ADD Software

    ADD Software is founded by Ing. Mario Giovanni Iannelli who has been involved in software development for building design since 1991. Ideal for BIM and parametric architectural design, the flagship product, AddCAD for ZWCAD allows you to carry out complete 2D and 3D architectural designs easily.

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  • NimaCAD snc

    NimaCAD snc

    NimaCAD is a consulting and services company aimed at the automation of business processes in general. It was founded in 1992 and has consolidated its expertise in CAD and enterprise application development over time.

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  • I&S Informatica e Servizi s.r.l.

    I&S Informatica e Servizi s.r.l.

    With 30 years of experience, diversified skills, and continuous research, I&S Informatica e Servizi s.r.l. develops technical and management software for technical design offices as well as CAD applications for users in the construction and topography fields.

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  • CADtoWIN


    As the name suggests, CADtoWIN links CAD with Windows software. Its products extend the Microsoft® SharePoint® functionality and similar systems to ZWCAD, facilitating common file operations like open, save, CAD external reference collaboration, etc. to websites in intranet or cloud environments.

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