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Mechanical Sketching


Added: 2011-05-19

Updated: 2011-05-23

Category:Core Design

Minimum ZW3D Product required to complete this tutorial:

ZW3D Standard

Completion Time: 30 minutes




Creating, Editing, Constraining Sketches with geometric rules and dimensions. New sketch dragging functionality. This is an excellent tutorial to follow the ZW3D Introduction and Modeling Intro tutorials that are built into ZW3D.


Mechanical sketching 3D Book tutorial.


Suggested Pre-req tutorials:

Mechanical sketching 3D Book tutorial.

Suggested Pre-req tutorials:
Introduction, Modeling
Commands covered in this tutorial include:
1. Creating geometry and constraints
2. The option to control automated constraints while creating geometry.
3. Auto constrain and dimension.
4. Editing dimension value and position.
5. Manually adding/replacing dimensions.
6. The Equal length constraint.
7. Symmetry
8. Linking dimensions to other dimensions.
9. Construction geometry.
10. Dragging geometry and dimensions
11. Curves and curvature comb display.
12. Dragging complex curve geometry
13. Hole features from sketch locations  

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