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Import and Heal


Added: 2011-05-19

Updated: 2011-05-23

Category:Advanced Design

Minimum ZW3D Product required to complete this tutorial:

ZW3D Standard

Completion Time: 25minutes




Import foriegn data, put in mold/machining position and repair open faces and edges. There are a few commands that require ZW3D Premium, but ZW3D Standard can repair most of the problems.


Mechanical sketching 3D Book tutorial.


Suggested Pre-req tutorials:

Commands covered in this tutorial include:
1.Iges import
2.Moving geometry
3.Boolean on open shapes
5.Trimming & sewing faces
6.Show open edges
7.Trimmed plane
8.Refine display facets
9.Fill gap
10.Ruled face
11.Bi-Rail loft
12.Extend face to close gap.
13. Extend face edges  

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