Troubleshooting Tips ( Using ZW3D and Personal Firewalls)

\The following information is for network administrators or IT security people and should not be of interest to the average user. Those individuals who setup and administer firewalls should be very familiar with this information.


ZW3D is using TCP/IP to communicate with the License Server when using floating licenses. ZW3D does NOT at any time try to access the internet.


If you are running a personal firewall, there is no reason to disable it while ZW3D is running. It just needs to be configured correctly for your system. This is something that has to be done with any firewall application. You should not rely on the default settings of any security software.


Many personal firewall applications incorrectly presume that software using the TCP/IP protocol always wants to communicate with the internet. For this reason, the ZW3D applications will probably need to be added as a trusted application to your personal firewall application to allow them to work together properly.


Here is a list of ZW3D executables that may need to be added as trusted applications to your personal firewall application (if they are added when they do not need to be it won't hurt anything):




Review date: 2011-May-20
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