ZW3D CAM Tips —— CAM Plan Tree Tips

Work the CAM Plan Manager Tree from the Top Down


\The CAM Plan Manager tree is presented in a logical structure. It is best to work the tree from the top down as section higher in the tree (e.g., Geometry) will usually need to be referenced by sections lower in the tree (e.g., Operations).


Use Geometry with CAM Class Attributes Defined


\Begin the Geometry section by inserting an assembly of components that have been tagged with the proper CAM class attributes. This is done by activating each component at the part level and then selecting Attributes > Part... and selecting the CAM Classes button from the Standard Attributes tab of the Part Attributes Form . Part, clamp, stock, table, tool holder and attachment classes are supported. Components that have not been tagged will default to the "Part" CAM class.  


Review date: 2011-May-24
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