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Batch plotting is a highlight of ZWCAD. Although the Publish command is availabl

November 27, 2009

Every time we start a new drawing, various setting should be done first, such as layers, colours, linetypes, text styles and dimension styles. Sometimes we even expect that the paper border, drawing area border or even title bar is shown when shifting from model space to paper space. To make our drafting work more convenient and efficient, we can take the advantages of templates.


How to make good use of templates? Here are two simple ways for you.


1. There are some templates available to use, and we can modify them into our own ones. We can also create completely new templates for specific use. As long as these files are placed in the folder ZWCAD 2008i Eng\Template, then they are ready to use in the Startup dialogue box when we select the icon "Use a Template".


2. The most frequently used template can be also set as a default one, so that we do not have to select it each time. If a drawing has been opened, and we need to create another new one, then we will see the following words in the Command Line when the QNew button is clicked:
“Template file name


(1) Type "op" to open the Config dialogue box.
(2) Select the Files tab and find the entry "System Template".
(3) Browse and specify the desired one and Save.
(4) Click OK.


Now try again, and we will find the default template name and its path changed

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