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How to Load Menu Files in ZWCAD

January 25, 2010


People use the Menu function frequently in ZWCAD, but different people have different requirements. They are not content with existing menu files and functions. In order to make their work easier and faster, they would like to customize menus.

1.Use “MEUNLOAD ” command
In ZWCAD, you can use the MENULOAD command to load and unload menus. After executing this command you can find the “Load/unload Customizations” dialogue box pops up as follows. To display this dialogue box you can also choose Tools→Customize→Menus.

Introduction the Function of Loading and Unloading Menus

a.Load menus
If you want to load menus, there are two methods to do that. First, you can input the menus’ name and path in the “File Name” text box. Second, if you forget the menu’s name, please press “Browse” button to choose the file you need. After that, click Load you will find the menu which you need is displayed in “Loaded Customization”. After closing this dialogue box you will find the menu file which you load has shown in the menu bar. For instance, we can know from the following pictures, the new menu “Mechanical lib” has been loaded and displayed in menu bar.


b.Unload menus
It’s not difficult to unload menus, please select the menus which you want to unload in the “Loaded Customization” box, and then press “Unload” button. After checking on the menu bar, you will find the menu file which you load has been deleted.

Please unclick “All Replaces”, if you just want to add some new menus to the menu bar.
MENU command is different from MENULOAD command. MENU command loads new menus to replace the default one, and in the menu bar you can only find new menus. In addition to the same function as MENU command, MENULOAD command can add some new menus to the menu bar.

2. Import menu file
You can work at the following steps to display the customize dialogue box, choose Tools→Customize→Toolbars→ Menus, or use the command “TBCONFIG”.

Insert: this command includes five selections, i.e. Menu Item, Menu Sub-Item, Spacer, Context Menu Item, and Context Menu Sub-Item. You can insert one of them in the “Menu Tree”, but adding a spacer to the root menu is impossible.
Delete : choose the item which you want to delete from menu tree.
Import : click to import an existing menu file from another source.
Export : click to save the current menu to a different location.
Reset:  click to reset the current menu, rejecting any changes you have made.

Before you import the menu file, please choose Tools→Options→Files, and then choose the “Drawings File Search Path”. After that, press “add” button to add the path of menu file.

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