Some small techniques of using ZWCAD 1 (1-10)

May 20, 2011

1.While using Break command, you can enter @ instead of a concrete point to break the entities at the first point.
2.In ZWCAD, files can be inserted in other files as blocks. But it will lead to big size problem, you can use Purge command to clear up them. 
3.With the Arctext command in Expression tools, you can arrange the text as arc shape. 
4.It’s no necessary to restart ZWCAD after editing the PGP files. Just to enter the Reinit command and click OK button, the PGP files will be loaded right away.
5.The method to close BAK files in ZWCAD. Enter Options on the command line and in the Open and Save tab, wipe off the “creat backup copy with each saves” option. 
6.Restore drawings from backup files: firstly is to look for the backup files which locate at the same folder of your drawing file. Then go to Tools – Folder Options – View and Display the extension name of files. Then change the extension name to DWG format and now the files can be opened in normal way.
7.If entities in layer one are covered by layer two in one drawing, following is the way to display entities in layer one: on the Tools menu, select Draw Order / Bring to Front.  
8.While opening a former file, ZWCAD may quit due to some unexpected reason. At this situation, you can use the above method to take a try. If the problem still exists, you can create a new file to insert the former file as a block to test. 
9.It’s applicable to create fillet with two parallel lines. And the result is ZWCAD automatically set up the fillet radius as half of the distance between two parallel lines.
10.Sometimes hatch pattern can’t be displayed. In this situation, checking the variable in the Option dialog box is necessary. It means entering Options on the command line, clicking the Display tab and marking the “Apply Solid fill” option.


Review date: 2011-May-20
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,

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