File extension SV$, what is SV$? How to open SV$ file?

December 30, 2011


After using ZWCAD for a while, you find there are some file with SV$ as extension in your folder. What is this file? How to open it?



The SV$ file is automatically saved DWG file. If you start the automatic save option, your drawing is saved at specified time intervals. By default, system assigned the name$ for temporarily saved files, filename here refers to current drawing name.

The temporary files are removed automatically when a drawing closes normally. However, these files are not deleted if there is a program failure or power failure. You can recover the drawing by reverting to a previous version of your drawing from the automatically saved file. In order to do that, you have to rename the file using a .dwg extension. You can find SV$ file from “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp”


Review date: 2011-Dec-30
Applies to:
,ZWCAD 2008,ZWCAD 2009,ZWCAD 2010,ZWCAD 2011,ZWCAD 2012,

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