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JSP Gets Both Aesthetics and Productivity from ZW3D
"In the past, things would have taken weeks to design - now it's only a matter of hours. With the ZW3D hybrid modeler there are no restrictions, we can create any type of shape." — Johnstone Safety Products
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Johnstone Safety Products (JSP), one of Europe’s leading independent safety equipment manufacturers, has seen that increasing work place safety standards and heightened home health care have significantly increased the market for personal safety products. Yet as competition grows, aesthetics begin to compete with features and value as buying criteria. For an industry leader like JSP, with product lines that span home, do-it-yourself and even road safety, the pressure to come up with products that are striking but safe is all the more intense.


Established more than 30 years ago, Oxford-based JSP exports safety products for personal, work and road safety to more than 60 countries worldwide. The company’s continuous research and development has led to one of the most advanced portfolios of safety products, including head, eye, face, hearing and respiratory protection. So popular are its products that currently JSP manufactures up to 75,000 industrial safety helmets alone each week.


\Working with ZWSOFT, JSP has been able to utilize ZW3D software to back up its innovation and creativity with flexible advanced technology that integrates design and manufacturing. An early adopter of ZW3D technology, JSP has for seven years relied on ZW3D to design many of its products. JSP has found that one of the key benefits of ZW3D is its unique hybrid modeling kernel, which gives designers and engineers the flexibility to work the way they want to, rather than being restricted to a pure solid or surface modeler.


“ZW3D is fantastic,” said Mark Williams, research and development manager at JSP. “In the past, things would have taken weeks to design – now it’s only a matter of hours. With the ZW3D hybrid modeler there are no restrictions – we can create any type of shape.”


The ZW3D hybrid modeler has proved vital in one of JSP’s latest designs in respiratory protection, the Power Cap. This device combines a new type of advanced technology turbo fan and high-efficiency dust filters. This protects users from airborne pollutants that occur during harvesting, grass cutting and many industrial processes, in addition to countering problems experienced by those who suffer from asthma or other allergies. The Power Cap provides the wearer with a continuous flow of purified cooling air without breathing resistance. A lightweight transparent air guide channels the filtered air over nose and mouth. The entire Power Cap design was modeled with ZW3D.


“Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important even with industrial products. The ZW3D hybrid modeler is packed with the kind of surfacing capabilities that JSP needs for the smoothly contoured designs required for a product like the Power Cap,” said Williams. “ZW3D really helped us to design this product to not only work well but to look its best. In addition, ZW3D allowed us the flexibility to make last-minute design changes in real time.”


\ZW3D’s history capabilities are also important as many of JSP’s products, especially their hard hats and face masks, are designed to fit the human form. Because JSP operates in a global economy, it has to provide products that work anywhere. Inevitably, this means subtle variations in design to reflect the fact that the standard human head is not really standard at all. With ZW3D these variations can be produced very quickly, changing just those commands that relate to the inside of the mask, while those that define the mechanics and the standard parts of the design are retained.


The Jet Stream is the latest project in JSP’s safety portfolio and here ZW3D has proved to be vital. This powered-air product, which fits around the waist, has been designed to be worn in environments where getting a fresh air supply might be difficult, such as search and rescue operations, underground or other hazardous situations. JSP needed a design to supply a precise balance between RPM, optimal battery life and the need to provide a sufficient amount of filtered air. Here ZW3D’s advantage of being able to produce fast design changes, rapid prototyping and testing was essential.


“Before using ZW3D it would have been much more difficult to produce a shape such as that used by the Jet Stream. If you asked me to change something a little bit, such as the fan, it might have meant remodeling the entire shape. Now, with ZW3D, it’s very easy to apply customers’ modifications to the project and update the whole design in minutes,” said Williams.


ZW3D has proved to be a pivotal product for JSP. It has left the company more room for “what ifs” and more time to develop new and innovative safety products. “We’ve found that other CAD products demonstrate far less capabilities than ZW3D does, yet the product is competing within the same price range. It’s definitely provided us with the ideal CAD/CAM solution,” said Williams.


Note: VX CAD/CAM software and technology has been acquired by ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. VX CAD/CAM has been rebranded as ZW3D. All the testimonials of ZW3D refer to its predecessor. 

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