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ZW3D Brought Significant Design Convenience to Visitors at STOM 2011 in Poland

April 13, 2011

Kielce,Poland,April 12, 2011 – 3D Master, ZW3D Value Added Reseller in Poland, showcased ZW3D at the 14th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-STOM held on March 22-24, 2011 in Poland. As one of the CAD/CAM software exhibitors at this event, 3D Master presented product demos to visitors on how ZW3D can speed time to market, handle complex design tasks, and ease their life as designers.

ZW3D is one of ZWSOFT's flagship products with much recognition by some of the world's leading companies. It provides a complete design solution ranging from mechanical design, mold & die, to 2 through 5 axis machining at an affordable price. Just as a visitor to ZW3D's booth said, ZW3D has a package solution that can meet his demands, only at a fraction of the price of its comparable software.



About 3D Master


3D Master is now ZW3D's VAR (Value Added Reseller) in Poland. It aims to deliver professional solutions and support to individuals, start-up businesses, and large corporations in the CAD/CAM design industry.


About Exhibition STOM 2011


The techniques and equipment presented at the 13th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-STOM make it possible to acquire information of special significance and usefulness. The Fair was visited by as many as 5 000 specialists and this is 20% more compared to the last year's edition.


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