ZWSOFT provides flexible licensing choices. Learn about the various types of ZWCAD/ZW3D licenses, and decide which one is right for you and your organization. If you have already purchased a license, learn how to upgrade your license.


Flexible Licensing Options


License options

Licensing options defined according to the license number and method of managing the licenses: stand-alone or network. Licensing options defined according to the licensing medium: soft-key or dongle.


Comparing Table

Licensing options Stand-Alone Network
Soft-key Dongle Soft-key Dongle
Description [1] One copy per License Multiple copies per License
Floating License [2]
License Borrowing [3]
Deployment Wizard [4]
LAN Connecting Required [5]
VPN Licensing [6]
Online License Transfer [7]


  • 1.
    Stand-Alone version is an ideal licensing option for small offices and dedicated users, no network connectivity required.
  • 2.
    Floating Licenses are not tied to a particular workstation, so this method provides a flexible and efficient approach for users who run more than one ZWSOFT product, run ZWSOFT products intermittently, or frequently change physical locations.
  • 3.
    License Borrowing enables the workstation to use a copy of the network license without connecting to the server. This enables the workstation to work outside of the office.
  • 4.
    Deployment Wizard enables the administrator to create an installation image for deployment.
  • 5.
    Network licensing requires a LAN Connection. The workstations need to connect to the licensing server via LAN to enable floating licenses. This configuration requires a reliable, low-latency network connection to maintain the link between the workstation and server.
  • 6.
    Virtual Private Network (VPN) setting enables long-distance licensing. VPN licensing is an ideal way for multinational companies to manage their license(s).
  • 7.
    Soft-key is a licensing option that enables transferring licenses among different computers easily. This option requires internet, and it is ideal for different computers in different locations.
  • 8.
    Compared with dongle licensing, it is more convenient to change your licensing option. For example if you wish to switch to the profession version from the standard version, switch to a network version from a stand-alone version, or need more copies for one network license, it is much easier to just apply another license rather than make an exchange for another dongle which would require time to process and deliver.

Choose the version that best fit your needs:

ZWCAD 2011 Functionalities Standard Professional Academic
2D drafting & editing
3D modeling & editing
Plot With watermark
Dongle licensing


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ZW3D 2011 Functionalities Standard Professional Academic
ZW3D Kernel with Sketching and QuickShapes
Hybrid 3D Shape & Feature Modeling
Show-n-Tell™ Built-in Tutorials
Directly open, edit and save 3D models from Catia, Inventor, NX, Pro/E, Solidworks and ACIS
Sheet Metal Design
Freeform Class-A surfacing & Shape Morphing
Reverse Engineering - Point Cloud
Core Cavity QuickSplit,Parting Lines & Surfaces
2-Axis Milling
3-Axis Surface Milling
QuickMill™ High Speed Milling
4&5 Axis Machining Add-on or Premium


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