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2011-06-09 To 2011-06-09
Campanile Hotel, Lodz-Poland

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ZWCAD Presented Along with Its Applications at Lodz, Poland


Lodz, Poland, June 9, 2011- There was a seminar dedicated to ZWCAD, the cost-effective CAD, and its additional applications in Campanile Hotel in Lodz.

The seminar was organized by Uslugi Informatyczne “SZANSA”, ZWCAD Authorized Distributorin Poland.During the first part of the seminar, SZANSA elaborated on thedifferences between the latest version of the program and its earlier versions. Also, it talked about the brand new features and advantages of the application.


Equalattention was dedicated to the additional applications like CADprofi, Przedmiar, application


At the seminar, guests could take part in "Competition in the knowledge of CAD programs." Questions included arange of topics presented at the seminar. The winners wereMrs. Anna Niedzielska, who won an application Przedmiar,and Mr. Marcin Paluska, who won an application TOOLS II. Congratulations!

At the meeting there were severalcomputers available with the latest version of ZWCADpreinstalled. Everyone could get hands-on experience with ZWCAD 2011 and seethefeatures of this increasingly popular program. Seminar was also attractive for another reason - participants could replace each other comments and opinions on daily, practical use of the program and buy the presented applications at a very attractive price.

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