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Post time 2008-6-10 03:21:16
How can I lock drawing? How to lock dwg files in autocad? Any guide about dwg lock?
A client requires me to send drawing in dwg format. But, I only want him to open, zoom and print the drawing, no editing.
Post time 2008-6-10 11:10:04

dwg lock

Hello gchine,
Are you sure it has to be a dwg file? Normally, in this situation, we would send a dwf or pdf file. You can publish as DWF; or export/print to PDF. Zwcad has, at present, some problems with PDF export, though. Also, DWF files can be opened by Zwcad / Autocad (or though free viewers)

Another "alternative" is to change the properties of the file  in "Windows Explorer" to "read only". Of course, anyone with knowledge can change it back to "read write".

Hope this helps (I know it's probably not really answering your question)
Post time 2008-6-10 17:01:36

Poor Quality Fills & TTF fonts

Dear all. As Maker told, we have no some ways to do that in DWG format at the moment. And Maker gave some very useful suggestion, please take a try.

Try ZWCAD+ free for 30 days:
Post time 2008-6-10 18:42:21

Poor Quality Fills & TTF fonts

I saved in DWF, but it can be edited by ZwCad or Autocad.
And in PDF all lines turn wider and drawing can't be viewed.

What about a soft called "CadLock"?
Post time 2008-6-10 19:36:49

dwg lock

Hello Gchine, Softlock is for locking <i>software, </i>not files, according to google. Perhaps you can try Dwglock ( But it's *only* $330!

Unfortunately, it's true that there are problems with Zwcad's pdf export (I think they're working on it). Perhaps you could try using one of the viewers (some free) or converters. Like "dwg to pdf converter" ( Again Bentley (The Microstation guys) have a free viewer that is supposed to save PDF, with layer info. I haven't tried it, though.

Another suggestion would be to download & try "Adobe Acrobat". AFAIK it allows importing DWG files - and, of course, saving as PDF. By the time the 30 days (?) trial period is over, Zwcad should have fixed the issue - hopefully.

Good luck.

[edit] Yet another suggestion:  You can instal both TrueView (from the official Autodesk site) and <a href="" target="_blank">pdfcreator.  </a>While Trueview is good for arranging and printing your dwg files; you can <i>print </i>using pdfcreator as your printer (i.e. from the list of printers, select "pdfcreator" as the printer, and print as PDF)

maker2008-06-10 20:02:27
Post time 2008-6-12 05:06:09

Tip for the day(s)

Thank you, maker.
I'll try and report.
Post time 2008-6-13 16:58:02

dwg lock

<span ="a"> to make pdf from dwg try www.<b>pdf995</b>.com it's free and works good.
allows you to make pdf not only from dwg but from any other format like for example *.doc.

Regarding the function for locking dwg: that would be veeeeeeery useful aside from the fact that you can use pdf.

read only is not a solution at all because the property can be easily changed of course but overall because it's even easier to copy the drawing from the "protected" file and paste it to another drawing.
Post time 2008-9-30 20:40:31


I think that this is not good idea to buy this program, if you want to use it to protect against not autorized using, for ec copying from your drawing to drawing your client
I opened locked by "dwglock" drawing in Bentley MicroStation and explode this shared cell (5 x exploding..) ..
try if you want..
funny<img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle" alt="Confused" />, I think, that this is not fair to pay 250 Euro for such pinhback? This is normal swindle

Cadlock (cadvoult) and other like this programs are good to lock but it change extension of drawing.. if you have to send *.dwg, you can't send *.dwc . I have the same problem..

I think that authors could try to add new style in Layer Properties Manager, for ex, "true locked", not locked on moment, like now, but for ex if sb want to use this layer, program do "fatal error". It must be , of course tested in autodesk and bentley.. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle" alt="Wink" />

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alf10002008-09-30 20:58:54
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