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Post time 2018-3-14 03:43:45
Can someone help me explain how to solve the following ALERTS:

ALERT: Unable to create texture
ALERT [text] is not a valid selection

See picture below:


How did it appear:
When I opened a sketch and drew a rectangle the first alert came "ALERT: Unable to create texture". When trying to exit the sketch the second alert came "ALERT [text] is not a valid selection".


What do they mean and how can I solve this problem?
Especially the "ALERT [text] is not a valid selection" is difficult as I just cannot design anymore as I cannot exit the sketch!
Post time 2018-3-14 08:19:06
Reply 1# koenma1909

   Hi, is this issue related to ZW3D? If so, please post it in    Thanks.
Post time 2018-3-14 08:37:13
Reply 1# koenma1909

   Thanks for the question.
   For most of functions, ZWCAD+ 2015 and ZWCAD 2017 are almost the same, but they also have some differences. Because started from ZWCAD 2017 version, the core engine has changed to a new one, which is different from 2015 version. The former has 32-bit and 64-bit, and some other functions not supported in 2015 version. On the other hand, some functions like OOPS would need some time to migrate to the new core engine, and that's why in 2017 version it didn't support yet.
Post time 2018-3-14 13:23:00
Reply 2# TECH2904

I am sorry, I am new at this. I'll repost it.
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