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Post time 2018-3-17 18:15:28
I have been trying to add new menus to the menu bar in ZWCAD 2017. I have been researching this on internet and now I have an approach as follow, I have created mnu and mns files manually which contains macro for creating new menu and stored it in appropriate folder. And now I used menu-load command to load those files in zwcad. But the problem is the required changes are not reflecting in zwcad. I am unable to solve this problem, is there any other way like by creating CUIx file. I am beginner to this, is this a right approach ? please can anyone suggest me.
Post time 2018-3-19 06:20:48
Interesting, you are created menu that creates menu that create menu.....
Sorry, but why like this? Is it possible to create final menu, not menu from menu?

Once Zwcad 2017 starts, I think that zwcad.cuix is locked. Only thing, after creating mnu or mns, is to load them in Zwcad. Next time Zwcad, starts, that menus are automaticaly loaded.
Does Zwcad autometically loads mnu or mns files or do I need to manually code for this. How to load them in Zwcad. I did not get the first 2 lines. Thank You
Post time 2018-3-19 17:19:01
Reply 3# binjag8321

   You can input Menuload command to load a .mnu file add the interface.
Reply 4# TECH2904
Hi thanks for the solution but I have already tried this way but not able to load do the things. As per you knowledge is there any other way, apart from this, then please do share. Can we do it by creating and loading cui files?
Post time 2018-3-20 06:16:21
You are unable to menuload your mnu file? Is this valid mnu file?

sample menu

sample menu

This is sample created with menuload.
It is valid one. can you please tell me what problems could be there that causing to load the menu? or Is it possible to you to guide step wise procedure for this, if so it would be great help for me. Thank you!
Post time 2018-3-21 01:23:55
Procedure is linear: menuload, then choose your mnu or mns file, and this is it. If there is no menu that means that your's file is invalid. Period. Usualy, you will see error in command line, eg. error in line 68 of mnu/mns file.
And try to load mnu file to any other cad, Zwcad has his own quirks, yust for check.

But if you have icon's that icons must have to be in path of zwcad, c:\users\[your user name]\appdata\roaming\zwsoft\zwcad\2017\en-us[or your language]\support\
or set with Options -> Files -> Support files search path.

There is no any other magic.
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Thank you for you help.
Can u tell me difference betweeen ZRX and ZDS? is it possible to combine and use both together?
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