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Post time 2018-3-23 22:17:35
Hi all,today I was triyng to open a dwg file exported with Revit 2018 but this file can't be open in ZWCAD 2018! Than I've tried to export from Revit and open in ZWCAD a dxf file but nothing... also this one can't be open...
Since few weeks ago ZWCAD wasn't able to open dwg created with AutoCAD 2018.... is this the same problem? Will this problem be solved quickly or nobody was informed about this situation?
Of course I can generate a dwg and a dxf file from Revit with a previous version and it will work in ZWCAD but I want to know if the compatibility will be garanteed in the future and when.

Many thanks!
Post time 2018-3-26 08:48:06
Reply 1# bsoldi4887

   Thanks for the feedback.
   We will try to test the dwg files exported from Revit 2018. In the meanwhile, could you send a copy of your files to us so we can check directly? You can send it to support mail address Thanks.
ifcimport/ifcexport when?
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