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Post time 2018-4-12 16:41:44
Here are some free value added tools for ZWCAD 2018:
PDFConverter: To convert PDF file to DWG file and insert to your drawings.

DWGConverter: To convert DWG drawing to different DWG formats.

Lisp Compile: To Compile LISP source code to compiled format .zelx

DGNPurge: To purge the useless dgn linetype in DWG drawing.

CUIXConverter: To convert .cuix file to .mnu file.
Post time 2018-4-13 13:07:33
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Another free multitool:
CadTools is an out of process software and supports AutoCAD versions: 2001-2018. (vanilla and verticals i.e. Civil 3D). It also supports ZWCAD+ (2014/2015 and 2018).

Major Commands in CadTools are listed below. CadTools has a complete helpfile with images of command results.

Insert or remove characters to single line text.
Align text to UCS and scale it.
Align Text to Left.
Send selected text to Excel
Line Aligned Text
Capitalize/Uncapitalize text

Area calculation of polylines based on color or layer. Results can be exported to Excel
Export polyline coordinates to Excel
Length calculate of polylines based on color or layer. Results can be exported to Excel
Reverse polyline
Point section and offset from polyline
Draw slopemarks from polylines
Offset 3DPolylines
Create cylinders (pipes) from polylines/lines.
Profile 3DPolyline
Create road signs and markings
Level out 3Dpolyline
Transverse 3D lines between 3D Polylines (3D Slope signs)
Join 3D Polylines
Draw Slope Arrows for 3Dpolylines (Ditch bottom slope direction)
Stationing Polyline
Line Aligned Text
Edit Polyline Elevation and slope (In table)
Create 3D alignment from plan and profile
Best fit, 3D-polyline regression.
Simplify command for 3D-polylines
Set polyline elevation by nearest text, fixes contours with no elevation but text!
Lines/Polylines to EPANET INP-file

All layers on
All layers off but selected
All layers off but current
Layer off by object
Xref layer freeze by single object
Move to layer by object
Set current layer by object
Delete layer

Draw polylines, circles and blocks from coordinates. Paste from Excel to CadTools

Generate longitudinal features (ditch bottom, surface interception) with cut/fill tick marks.
Import Triangulated Surface from Graphic (from other software)
Triangle Volume and color cut/fill areas in plan.
Triangulate objects (create surface models)
Drape surface with objects and lines
Pick and annotate elevation from surface
Create wireframe surface
Cut & Fill areas in cross-sections
Create Surface Profiles
Create Surface Cross Section
View Surface Slope and Direction
View Perimeter for flat (or any slope interval) Surface Areas
Pick and annotate Slope vector from surface
Constrained triangulation (breaklines)
Surface Contours
Trickle, traces the path of a drop of water down a selected surface.
Volume by Elevation, triangle volumes at intervals
Trickle All, evaluate surface water paths.

Convert 3DPolylines to 2Dpolylines
Convert 3DFaces to 3Dpolylines
Convert arc to 3Dpolyline
Create coordinate grid
Place sloped text
Convert Circle to 3Dpolyline

Open Xref by Object
Detach Xref by Object
Save/Load Xref-settings to/from file

Edit block attribute text
Annotate block elevation
Drainage network evaluation, evaluation of block (manholes) and Lines (pipes). Result in Excel
Export block information to Excel (coordinates, attribute values)

Export Hatch area to Excel

Vehicle Turning Simulation (Vehicle Tracking)

Annotate Profiles/Cross sections
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