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Post time 2018-5-16 17:49:02
VERNUM - 2018

I am migrating the project from AutoCAD ObjectARX to ZRX to support our application in ZWCAD.
However, While doing this I have problems with some AutoCAD lisp.

In ZWCAD2018, Following code gives an error.


_T("(progn (if ins_tog (do_spcr)) (AutoStack))(princ)\n"),




ZWCAD gives an error, as follows on command prompt:
bad function type - AUTOSTACK

Is there any alternative available for AUTOSTACK lisp function in ZWCAD?

Could you please provide your input on this?

I have also reported one issue and support team provided me the bug number T16934.

Could you please tell the status of this bug? If its fixed or any workaround is available.
Post time 2018-5-17 10:10:27
Reply 1# moulap3266

   Hi,   Thanks for your testing.
   The bug T16934 is still being processed. As for the autostack issue, we are checking it, any progress, we will update here. Thanks.
Post time 2018-5-17 16:26:02
Reply 1# moulap3266

   We check this Autostack function, and it seems that this function doesn't exist in ZWCAD nor AutoCAD. Is it provided by any third party? And could you tell us what this function will do?
Hey, Thanks for the input. I verified at my end and its function from the third party.
Thank you so much:)
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