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Post time 2018-9-20 09:42:52
Hi Everyone,

The ZW3D 2019 new version is coming soon, there are many new functions and improvements in it, this post will be used to preview some of new functions.


1. Efficiency Promotion
The efficiency of picking, display, calculation, response is highly improved. The benefit is obviouse, particularly in complex shapes and large assembly. Below is an typical example done with Copy command. The result of copy has 4480 shapes and 98560 faces.


Post time 2018-9-21 13:44:49
2. Uer Defined Feature
ZW3D 2019 enable users to reuse their own features. You can find the User Define Features in the new file brower.Also you can check the video on Youtube:

Post time 2018-9-25 09:46:14
3. 3D BOM
ZW3D 2019 enable users to easily manage assembly components’attribute on 3D assembly level.
Support both components and shapes  
Manage attributes easily
Customized BOM template
Preset attributes value
Exporting Excel with template
Link with 2D BOM


Post time 2018-9-26 03:21:51
That looks very interesting.
Can you please explain some more about the work flow for this?
Post time 2018-9-26 08:39:14
mudcrab replied at 2018-9-26 03:21
That looks very interesting.
Can you please explain some more about the work flow for this?
Cheers ...

I'll attach some video links as soon as they are ready. And the Beta version is coming soon, its download link will be placed in the forum that time. I'll appreciate it if you can help us check the Beta version then.
Post time 2018-9-26 08:50:03
4. Flexible Sub-Assembly

Sub-assebmly can be turned into a flexible one, all the indivudual components can move within the constraints.


Post time 2018-9-27 03:14:47
Flexible sub assy is a massive improvement.
I am excited to see this.
Well done team.
Post time 2018-9-28 08:52:52
5. New Part Library

ZW3D 2019 fold the access to Part Library together with file browser and add in a new Part Publisher.

Post time 2018-9-30 13:36:56
5. 2D Sheet

ZW3D 2019 introduces a lot of new functions and improvements in 2D Sheet.

  • 2D Sheet based on shapes
图片1.png 图片2.png

Post time 2018-9-30 13:38:28
  • Symmetric Dimension



Sounds great! Will this also work on Sketchs for the Revolve feature in 3D?  Post time 2018-10-3 06:27
Post time 2018-9-30 13:39:50
  • Balloon Improvement

Post time 2018-9-30 13:40:53
  • Auto Dimension
Post time 2018-10-9 08:59:56
6. Mold Design

  • More and better parting functionality
  • Clearer workflow
  • More reliable region analysis
  • Strengthen patch function
  • New region definition
  • More methods for auto-create parting faces

For more information

Post time 2018-10-9 09:01:02
2018-10-09_8-51-30.png 2018-10-09_8-54-30.png 2018-10-09_8-59-10.png 2018-10-09_8-59-32.png
Post time 2018-10-12 08:44:46
7. Electrode Sparking Drawing Improvement

  • Shape-based mode and Assembly mode for creating tool blanks
  • Use ordinate dimensions instead of linear ones
  • Enable users to customize templates
  • More options and configurations for drawing layout



Post time 2018-10-13 09:10:52
8. Miscellaneous Improvement of CAD
  • Internal Sketch

  • New Explicit Feature

  • Translator
      Ability to import Solidworks and CATIA 2D drawings

  • New Commands
Post time 2018-10-15 08:11:45
Lots of cool stuff here...
Has anything been done to unify the constraint command so we can do all constraint actions from one dialogue in stead of the 3 or 4 required at present?

Are there any other improvements to adding fasteners - with washers and nuts etc?


Adding fasteners is better, due to improvement of assembly. But still can't unify constraints, maybe you can provide more information about this, such as application scenario?  Post time 2018-10-15 10:15
Post time 2018-10-15 11:39:59


1. Integrated VoluMill for 2-3X milling


Post time 2018-10-15 11:49:17
Typical Volumill Toolpaths


Post time 2018-10-16 10:29:47
2. Cleanup Corner Control for 2X Operations

Toolpath radius can be controled by tool size.



Post time 2018-10-17 04:36:52
mudcrab replied at 2018-10-15 08:11
Lots of cool stuff here...
Has anything been done to unify the constraint command so we can do all c ...

In assembly there are 3 or 4 different constraint dialogues depending on how you are using.
1) Add
2) Edit
3) RMB Edit on part/history
4) ... cannot remember where or if.

There is no consistyency in ionformation presented.
You cannot edit from some dialogues
You cannot add from some dailogues.
The current arrangment is pigs breakfast of poorly designed dialogues.

IMO there is NO reason why there should not be one Universal Constraint dialoge that displays all Constraint  informatuion including description, allows adding of constrain, editing as constraint.  Basically a dialogue that takes all hte best of the exisitng dialogues and adds more infornation and felxibility to managing constraints.

This is not a new discussion - I have asked for this for years.
IF you are serious aboput inproving assembly this is aminimum delivery.



Assembly functions will be continually improved within the next few version. I think it's possible to get this in V2020  Post time 2018-10-24 09:14
One single dialogue for all constraint information, enable to review, edit, add constraints. Got it. Thank you for the explanation.  Post time 2018-10-17 17:15
Post time 2018-10-17 11:21:13
3. Enable arc (G02/G03) codes output for 3D Helical & Ramp Toolpath

  • Extend the tool life and improve the machining quality
  • Include Ramp operation and 2&3X helical lead in

Picture3.jpg Picture2.png

Post time 2018-10-18 11:25:24
4. Sub-program in NC File

Now users can put their sub-program into NC files, extending the flexibility of machining procedure.

Post time 2018-10-18 19:35:26
5. New Safe Ramp Function

For square shoulder cutters, ZW3D 2019 introduces a new option to protect the cutter head.


Post time 2018-10-24 10:46:55
6. 2X Helical Operation Enhancement

  • Fix the bug that Max Cut Depth option sometimes can't take effect correctly
  • Can be output as 3D arc code in 2X-5X machining
  • Engage and retract toolpaths are now tangent to cutting toolpaths

wangzh3015 replied at 2018-9-21 13:44
2. Uer Defined Feature
ZW3D 2019 enable users to reuse their own features. You can find the User Def ...

I noticed that I can not get ZW to save to the default user define features folder. I have to save to an alternate location for it to work.
Also is there a reason you can't make user defined features that cut a part. It allows me to make the user defined feature but when I try to use it, it gives me an error when I click the green check mark to accept the operation.

Post time 2018-10-25 09:44:36
Hi Phil,
We'll include the UDF folder in the reuse lib by default in the official release.And if you want to cut a part, you can define a UDF like this

Post time 2018-10-25 09:49:21
7. More Reliable Big Stepover in 3X Roughing

In the old versions, 3X roughing with a big stepover value sometimes leave unmachined areas. Now it becomes more reliable.

Post time 2018-10-29 08:38:44
8. 5X Swarf Operation Enhancement

Now this operation is available for 5X laser machines, and generates a toolpath with high precision.
Post time 2018-10-30 09:37:30
9. Clarify the Toolpath types

Toolpath types are renamed to be corresponding to the names in S/F table. And ZW3D 2019 provides more options of color settings.

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