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Post time 2018-9-20 00:47:08
Good morning
I use Zwcad Pro 2017 and I'm trying version 2019.
With version 2017, it was impossible to create a perspective view of a 3d drawing, using the Dview command.
It seems that it is impossible even with version 2019.
Is there a way to create perspective views?
Post time 2018-9-20 12:07:36
Yes, thats fine for me

Post time 2018-9-20 17:54:18
This is an isometric view, not a perspective.
Do you understand the difference?
It was possible to do perspective views up to Zwcad 11.
Post time 2019-5-24 12:16:33
A vanishing point is an imaginary point of intersection when you draw lines from the edges of objects tellthebell
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