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Post time 2018-9-21 23:18:49
Edited by tronel3790 at 2018-9-21 23:32

Hi guys,
I wanted to test myself to the welding tools in ZW3D to try and quicken some parts of the process like assembly cuts and drawing with parts list & co. But I am already hitting a wall.

I just tested with a simple door frame, using T shaped pipes, the automated assembly cut works fine for the 4 angles, but no succes for the crosspiece. I manualy edited its ends shapes with a soustract extrusion applied only to its solid. But I don't mind that actually. Then I start a drawing and insert the frame and generate a nomenclature with the correct lenght. Everything fine.
But now, I wish to make a draw of each piece of the frame, where I can show and detail ends cuts. When I insert a view of the frame, wich is a single part, I can't choose which solid to show or hide like I can do with components in a sub-assembly.

Idealy, I would like to be able to insert a view of a single solid of the part, then generate its projected views, sectionnal views, ...

also, as I have followed a youtube tutorial from ZW France, I have noticed the man was starting to draw a draft of its frame. Then when he selected the welding tool, selected its weldment profil, and goes to select the curves on which to apply the profil, he can select each line of the draft individually. When I follow his exemple step by step, the selection automatically highlight the whole draft. I have tried to click on the tiny arrow next to the "Curves" blank field, to try different kind of selection for it, with no success. I am using ZW3D 2018 SP.


Post time 2018-9-24 16:39:28
Not sure about the drafting options. We normally do a cut list and that's it.
Re the selection, try changing pick filter to curves.
In reality you should use filters a lot - they are very useful.
Cheers - Paul
Post time 2018-9-25 09:23:52
If you want to pick some curve of the whole sketch, turn the pick filter to curve

If you want to create 2D Sheet for one of the Solids, you have to wait until V2019 release.  Users can create 2D Sheet or BOM for Solids in the next version.
Sry for the delay.
Thx for the curve tip, it work as intended.
Now about the drafting, thats both a sad news and a good news and a sad news. First cause I wished to be able to do it, second because it will be someday, third because I probably won't get an hand on it. Not sure about the cut list you are talking about Mudcrab, I have one table for welded profile construction (the yellow suare pipe logo), its good to give the total lenght from end to end of the pieces you will need, but it gives no clues about how each ends have to be cutted exactly.

Post time 2018-10-11 02:24:00
An idea... Configure the model so you have individual parts in its own config. Might not work too well in weldments.

Another idea - use full model drawings an blank opposite pairs s then detail the ends as per normal.

I am sure there is a cunning solution - we have succeeded with less before now.
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