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Post time 2018-10-12 14:39:56
1. Import the 3D model file to CADbro 2018SP2 and export it as an html file. Export.jpg

2. You can open the html file in a browser and view it. Here is the interface.
1. Interface.jpg

3. Exploded view
2. Explodeview.jpg

4. Section view
3. SectionView.jpg

5. Displayed type
4. Display Type.jpg

6. Simple measurement
5. Dimension.jpg

6. Inquire.jpg

7. These simple operations can also be done on a phone or pad.

8. We will continue to add and improve the HTML functionality!

Post time 2018-12-12 16:21:05
Simple tips to check 3D models on my phone!
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Post time 2019-2-4 17:00:34
You can design your models for 3D printing and place them in the real world with this viewer app you can view your 3D models on your phone and tablet krogerfeedback.
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