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Post time 2018-11-6 00:14:51
Hello there,

I'm currently trying to bind an external ref (dwf) within a dwg file using "2014.04.27(21135)" (read only). I have a dongle licence and therefore not sure where the 'read only' part comes from.

The bind does not appear to be working as when I save the file down in another directorey the reference data is not there. I've read there are some bug issues but I've not seen any clarifcation on outcome or fix.

Please help.

Warmest thanks
Post time 2019-2-18 18:24:50
I understand the issue which you are actually mentioned in your post, you can simply take a help of McAfee Customer Service page to find the best solution here to resolve your issue properly, I Think it's work properly.
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