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Post time 2018-11-30 16:48:06
Hi there,
I just wanted to share a problematic experience I have with ZW3D 2018 SP in assembly.

I am making a building which use repeated pillars and fastening plates models. My issue is, as an exemple (happened is other files, but the situation remains, 2 repeated models from external part library .Z3 files) , after succesfully constraining a first partA on a first partB, I repeat the process with second part A and B, selecting faces in the same order (centering constrain), then the result is that the center element faces of 2partA align with the base element faces of 1partB.
Here are some pics:
8 second part constrain overview.jpg
7 second part constrain result.jpg
6 second part constraining final clic.jpg
5 second part constraining.jpg
4 second part pos.jpg
3 first part constrain detail.jpg
2 first part constrain.jpg
1 first part pos.jpg

I can "fix" the issue by reversing the selection order of both the base and centered faces, but then the problem repeat itself with the next couple of part. 3partA align with 2partB, and ect...

If someone have any ideas...
Post time 2018-12-6 03:59:05
Hi Tronel,
not experienced this problem so not sure about solution.
Have you tried Clean File and Fix Objects at Root level?
If you get erros being fixed I would repeat the both commands one first, then the other 3 times.
This should remove any bad references. Maybe it will help. Maybe not.

Also can you use Assembly Pattern in stead on constraint. It is much faster.
This might be useful to pattern one item at a time if they do not repeat nicely.

Do you use handles on the parts you are inserting often? These are very useful. and save a lot of picking faces etc.

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