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Post time 2018-12-12 19:11:17
Hello everyone,

The CADbro 2019 official version has been released! You can download it from the links below!
Installation Package:

New Feature Videos:

This post will be used to show the new functions.

1. Online Server
In this 2019 new version, CADbro provides some CLOUD services!
That means we can upload the lightweight format to the cloud server, then others can download the file from the server. Let's have a look at the preview!

After logging in, we can upload files or configurations from the new Cloud ribbon. For model files, we can set it to be public or private.
0.1 Upload to Cloud.png

Double-click to open the file from the cloud server. In the assembly tree, you can see a "feather" in front of the component's name, which indicates that they are lightweight files.
0.2 Download from Cloud.png

View in Browser
Moreover, we can generate a link for the uploaded file, so that others can open it in a browser. That means they don't need to install any 3D viewer software.
0.3 Online Preview.png

View in Mobile Devices
Of course, we can open the model through a phone or a pad!
0.4 Online Preview - Phone.jpg

Next question: How to?
Step1: Sign up an manager account on the .
1.1 Signup.png

Step2: Vefify the license of CADbro 2019. Each license can provide one subaccount, 5.0 GB Cloud capability, 20 share links.
1.2 Add License.png

Step3: Create the subaccount. We can check the status of share links/subaccount/capacity near the menu.
1.3 Add Sub Account.png

Step4: Open CADbro 2019, log in with your subaccount.
1.4 CADbro Login.png

Step5: Open the native file and upload it as mentioned at the beginning.
After that, we can right-click on the file, generate a share link for it. Moreove, we can set a password and the expired date for this link.
1.5 Share Link.png

These are three test links, click and try!
Link1: Password: 1234

P.S. Users also can upload the Configuration and Customization to the Cloud server, so that they can invoke their customization at will.
1.6 Upload Cfg.png

Post time 2018-12-19 10:42:28
2. Compare Parts with Solid
With this new function, you can easily find out the modifications between two similar models.
You can save the result as a report or as a file. Then, the compare result can be used in further modification.

Compare Parts with Solid Command
2.1 Compare Parts.png

Compare Result

2.2 Comparison Result.png

Compare Report
2.3 Comparison Report.png
Post time 2018-12-19 11:20:24
3. Enhanced Quick View
  • Improve the quality of Quick View import
  • Imported graphic data can be managed by shape, face and edge
  • Support to select, measure and add dimension in graphic data
  • Support CADbro light weight format
3.1 Lightweight format symbol.png

3.2 Measurement.png

4. Upgraded 2D Drawing
  • More view functions add into 2D Drawing
4 2DDrawing Improvement.png

5. Other Improvement
  • Cylinder bounding measure
5.2 Cylinder bounding measure.png

  • 3D PDF support output New Dimension
5.1 3D PDF New Dimension.png

  • HTML file security (add password)
5.3 HTML file security.png

  • Support to import 3D model in DWG file
  • Add a component mirror function in part transform

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Great new features in CADbro 2019.
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