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Post time 2018-12-31 17:40:06
I am new ZWCAD user and facing some problem, need your help.
When i open old AutoCAD files, ZWCAD does not pop up for missing SHX files to specify any replacement file. ZWCAD directly open the file ignoring missing SHX files.
Please advise how to fix it.


Post time 2019-4-22 18:13:23
If a font file is located in the same folder as the DWG file that uses it, AutoCAD will find it. However, the standard location for SHX fonts is in the AutoCAD Fonts folder, located in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20xx\Fonts. If putting the missing font into the Fonts folder does not stop the error message, check the following:
Open the Options dialog box by typing OP at the command line.
On the Files tab, expand the Support File Search Path entry.
Make note of the path pointing to the fonts.
Note: This might need to be reset to default location as mentioned above.
Open Windows Explorer, browse to the folder, and verify that the SHX font is in that folder.
If the font is not present, place a copy of it in the folder.
Close and reopen AutoCAD.
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