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Post time 2019-1-1 17:00:07
Currently a SolidWorks user. I have been having a lot of problems with cost. If you need to use the software in a small company you are going to be paying an obnoxious amount for PDM, analysis, CAM, and the other "bells and whistles" that make it a complete package.
Well I just came across ZW3D this week. I have been testing many software packages and so far this one is really well done. Especially for the price! I have yet to get a real quote but from what I have read it is around $1000 complete.
It has everything built in. Even PDM. The UI looks great and is highly customizable. How it handles parts, drawings, and associated files BLOWS ePDM AWAY!
It allows for multiple instances for those of us with dual monitors but don't want to "stretch" across both screens and lose all of our tool bars.
Oh, and it handles open windows in tabs so you can easily flip back and forth.
Has anyone used this software? Is there a giant downside that I am missing? Or is this software the up and coming next giant?

Post time 2019-1-2 14:09:46
Hi Tony,
Thanks very much for your trust in ZW3D. It's our pleasure to bring reliable CAx solutions to global users. For now, we have 900,000 users like you globally in 90 countries. And you can find local support from our network of 260 partners. Please enjoy your testing process of ZW3D. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know. We'll be here help you to explore ZW3D.
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