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Post time 2019-1-11 04:15:06
Edited by mudcrab at 2019-1-11 04:16

Hi Guys,

the Pack tool should be on the Data exchange Toolbar (IMO)

Any reason why this is not there or cannot be put there in SP1 for 2019?

A suitcase Icon would be fine.
Image 2.png

Post time 2019-1-14 12:15:00
Don't waste your time waiting! Just add the icon in the tab by customizing the ribbons.

I guess you may have known how to do it, but in case of not, below are the steps.
1) Right-click on the blank area of ribbon and select "Customize".

2) Find the "Pack" command and drag it to the place you want it to show.

3) Give it a new icon.

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