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Post time 2019-4-19 16:07:39
ZWCAD2020 Open Beta will be released soon, before that let's take a look on what new features have been added in this new version!

#Highlight Features#

PDF Underlay Manger
To better manage theattached PDF Underlays, PDF Underlay Manager is now ready for our users in thisversion. Users can attach a new PDF Underlay in this dialog box, and detach,reload, unload or open an existing one, enabling them to manage all the PDFUnderlays in the drawing more conveniently. PDF underlay manager.png

Data Extraction
Data Extraction enables users to extract various data from objects by filters. There are dozens of different types of data include length, angle, color, layer, area, radius, etc. All these extracted data will be shown in a table or be exported to a file in .zex, .csv or .xls format.
data extraction.png

Lisp Debugger
Activated by command VLIDE or VLISP, Lisp Debugger is used to debug lisp programs. Developed based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft™, it enables developers to debug their lisp programs with breakpoint inspection and modify it easily.
lisp debubber.png

Annotation Scale Reset
a prompt will pop up when opening a drawing with lots of annotation scales. It will remind the users to reset scale list to the default state by removing unneeded custom scales, improving the performance when dealing with annotative objects.
scale reset.png

#Important Improvements#

TK Tracking
Previously, if the users want to locate a special point, they need to draw some auxiliary lines. Now, with TK Tracking, they can locate it with a virtual auxiliary line. Please check the command line to know more about this new improvement.
TK tracking.png

Selection Set for Overlapped Object

A dialog box called Selection Set will pop out when users click the overlapped objects. The color and type of each overlapped object will be displayed in that dialog box, so that users can easily and quickly select the one they want.

#New Command#
·    ALIGANSPACE:Adjust the scale andlocation of drawings in Layoutviewport according to the alignment points whichhave been specified in Modelspace and Paper space.
·    VLIDE:Turn on Lisp Debugger
·    VLISP:Turn on Lisp Debugger
#New System Variable#
·    INPUTSEARCHOPTIONFLAGS:Control whether to display a list of commands with similar names whileinputting the first few letters in the command line.
·    SELECTIONCYCLING:Control whether to display the Selection Set dialog box for the overlappingobjects.
·    LAYOUTTAB:Control whether to show or hide the Layout tab.

Want to experience our powerful new features in ZWCAD 2020? Come and click here to have a try!

Post time 2019-5-7 14:08:37
Edited by Heinz at 2019-5-7 14:10

We bought ZWCAD with Dynamic Blöcker, and you just can not swipe that
As you think, this can lead to legal action.

We also visited a course.

Wir haben ZWCAD mit Dynamischen Blöcker erstellen gekauft, und Sie können das so einfach nicht streichen,
wie Sie glauben das kann rechtliche Schritte zur folge haben.

Wir haben dazu auch einen Kurs besucht.
Post time 2019-5-2 23:02:13

missing features

Edited by mhewett15 at 2019-5-2 23:03

Like Testing out the new ZW CAD. Open up dwg files a lot faster.  Speed is key  :)

Although I would like so see some important missing features:
-  SAVEALL - To save all open Drawings. ( this is an obvious one)
- Dynamic Array - To edit / adjust array on the go, like Dynamic blocks.
- More scr features, like running batch scripts from within ZW CAD.

The list can grow still. But keep up the good work. There are already extra features I haven't seen before within ZW CAD.

Thank you
Post time 2019-4-26 17:52:49
Where is this creating Dynamic Blocks ??
Will that happen again?

Post time 2019-4-25 15:27:27
Data Extraction kann keine Texte extraieren
Post time 2019-4-25 19:14:53
Selection Set for Overlapped Objects does not work for me
Post time 2019-4-26 15:22:36
Heinz replied at 2019-4-25 19:14
Selection Set for Overlapped Objects does not work for me

Hey Heinz~
For the data extraction, sorry to tell you we do not support text data extraction for now, and I have sent your information to our R&D Center, thanks for your opinions! As for the workaround,maybe you can try to use 'Mtext' to input the information, we are able to extract Mtext data now.

For the selection set please make sure you have turned on the toggle or set the variable 'SELECTIONCYCLING' to '2' and try again, I try this feature is ok


Post time 2019-4-26 17:39:18

Unfortunately we get the DWG with a lot of texts
Post time 2019-4-26 17:42:28
If the selection area is disabled this will not work?
At Autocad but already   


Wenn der Auswahlbereich deaktiviert ist funktioniert das aber nicht ?
Bei Autocad aber schon
Post time 2019-4-26 17:43:51
When saving in Zwcad and then open in Autocad mtexte disappear that does not work.

Post time 2019-5-6 10:40:46
Heinz replied at 2019-4-26 17:52
Where is this creating Dynamic Blocks ??
Will that happen again?

Hi Heinz,

Unfortunately Dynamic Blocks is not in our recent plan, but we won't rule out to add this function in the future function.

I just wonder if dynamic blocks is a frequent-used function in daily work? cuz I think this is a very complicated feature, not sure if many users know how to use it.
Post time 2019-5-6 11:23:52
mhewett15 replied at 2019-5-2 23:02
Like Testing out the new ZW CAD. Open up dwg files a lot faster.  Speed is key  :)

Thank you for your feedback! In 2020 version we focus on improving the speed. really glad that the speed in indeed fast.

And for the features you mentioned I have all marked down and will send these information to our R&D center.

A good news is the Dynamic array, I think is the associative array we have a clear plan and have been working on it, I believe it will be added to our porduct in a very close future! stay tuned!
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