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Post time 2019-4-19 15:37:56
     Hi there,

Lets say I have a part with severals solids inside. And for assembly or drafting purpose, I wish to select which solid to display.
Is there a way in TableConfig to hide/show solids of a same parts? Other than disabling the extrusion operations that generate them, with the risk of breaking interdependancies.

PS: I am still in 2018

     Nicolas T.
Hi Nicolas,
I think the simplest solution to your problem would be to use layers. Put each object on it's own layer and then switch them on and off.

The proper way though would be to setup the part configs with proper linking so things don't get broken when you switch features on and off.

Post time 2019-4-23 08:34:50
You need V2019. It is an easy job to manage the visibility of the solids in the sheet.


Post time 2019-4-23 08:37:39
philan shows the correct way. Also you can merge the solids to components. In V2018, merging is always the recommended approach, because you can set attributes.

Okay, so I have played with the layer function a little bit, but I can't figure it out and get what I want.

It seems that assigning a solid to its own layer works. When I click on each solid in the history tree, the layer field update to show the layer the currently selected solid belong to.
But then, when I play with the layer field, I witch from one layer to another, but nothing happen, everything remain displayed.
In drafting, there seems to be no way to select a specific layer to display when you are adding a view, like you could for configurations or states.

Ideally, what I would like is to be able to hide/show meshes in config table, rather than activating/disabling extrusion commands.

I can't seems to find tutorial about layering (except youtube probably, but blocked by my company), all the manuals PDF I have are picture based, no way to search for text to go directly where I need to.

About merging solid to component, I am not sure to understand what you mean. But that is true that when I want to assign a material to a specific solid, even when I am in the mode "matière du modèle" ("model's material"?), when I hover the cursor on solids, they don't highlight.
Post time 5 day(s) ago
Hi Nicholas,
I have been challenged with a similar problem when the layer visisiblity in 3D is required ot be drawn with the same degree of control.
At this point there does not seem to be a strong connection that allows full control.
The Config solution suggested with solids extracted to components is much more manageable in 2D and Attributes can be configured to allow for excellent documentation. e.g drawing sheets can update data with each configuration inserted in a sheet.
One thing I really like about configuration is that I can see/edit the varying attributes in a table format so getting accuracy across multiple variants is easy.
There can be some challenges with deciding what level to configure and using naming that reflects the part name AND the variation so you have a sensible structure to work with.
You will discover this your self and figure it out as it ia little hard to define in a few words.
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