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Post time 2019-5-10 09:21:59
Hello everyone,

The CADbro 2019 SP version has been released!
Old users can upgrade directly with the Check For Updates function.

New users can download and try out through the following links.

Next, there are some improved points about this new version.

1. Enhanced HTML Format
a. Linear dimensions can be added online. Currently, it supports two types: between straight lines, between points. The dimensions can be set to be retained or not, in the option "Auto Save Dim" of the upper right tab.
b. Redefine the size type. Now the dimensions can be managed in the Assembly Manager.
c. Select the dimension in the Tools Dimensions, the corresponding annotation will be highlighted in the model.
d. The middle mouse button can quickly start a new measurement.
e. Recalculate the envelope box for the section view.
f. Improve the style of the webpage.
g. Fix some bugs.

2. Upgraded CATIA 2D Drawing Import
a. Improve the reading ability of line type.
b. Improve accuracy of view transformation.
c. Support for more types of dimension and annotation.
d. Support for multi-line text.

3. Improved 2D Drawing
a. Add a new function - Auto Dimension.

b. Add a new option - Inherit PMI.

4. Misc.
a. "Entity Info" was removed from Ribbon.


b. "Feature" filter option was removed from Simplify and Mirror Shape command.

c. Transparency of entities can be toggled easily.

The above are the improvements of the CADbro 2019 SP version.
If you have any questions or requirements, you can directly leave a message here!

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thank you friend
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