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Post time 2019-5-15 20:39:43
Hi everyone,

Im working with 3D drawings in ZWCAD and i would like to export or plot a view or layout or from the model to an 2D.dwg file

I have used the DWFx ePlot (XPS compatible).pc5 plotter on a custom paper 30.000mm by 2.000mm so my drawing would fit scale 1:1 on it.
But the drawining is still created in the wrong scale, and scaling it to the right size is a pain in the @$$.

So i would like to know how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

CAD_specialist replied at 2019-5-17 19:39
I sometimes ask myself why this company, zwsoft, is not caring at all of its clients...
Almost no re ...

Hi there, I'm sorry to bother you and thanks for your feedback! We will reply users more quickly and timely,please keep foucs on our products.

Ps: The answers for this user is perfect, thank you so much for your help!
Post time 2019-5-17 19:38:07
in other autocad-clones, there is a possibility to transform a layout sheet into a 2D drawing, and save it as a dwg file.
ZWcad cannot do it. Autocad or Bricscad do it. You could install an evaluation version of Bricscad to use this feature (works for 30 days, then stops...).

otherwise, you could also try to export to PDF, as in the zwcad 2019 you have a good exporter (where you can set the exportde elements on layers). Then re-import the PDF back. You will get a 2D drawing, but of course not the best quality, as all the elements will be composed of rahter curious polylines and splines.... But you could try it.

A third solution is to use the "flatten" command (you find it in zwcad pro, at least...). It transforms all the objects into 2D projections (cuts the Z value of all elements).
Post time 2019-5-17 19:39:07
Edited by CAD_specialist at 2019-5-17 12:40

I sometimes ask myself why this company, zwsoft, is not caring at all of its clients...
Almost no replies here in this forum... We should buy, but we should not put questions! :)
This sounds quite chinese and communist. :)
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